NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme

The NHS is delivering a new 12-month low calorie diet treatment for people in Somerset living with Type 2 diabetes who are above a healthy weight. Delivered by Momenta, it's based on the DiRECT study which showed this approach can help people lose weight, improve their diabetes control, reduce diabetes-related medication and even achieve remission.  

On average participants lose 10-15% of their starting weight.

What is the programme?

Regular group support sessions for 10-15 people are at the heart of the 12-month programme.  The 21 sessions start weekly, before moving to fortnightly and then monthly. Led by our trained Coaches and based on our expert-developed programme, these sessions give you knowledge, skills and support throughout the programme. Sessions are held in-person at local venues.


The programme has three phases.  To start with you’ll follow a low calorie diet for 12 weeks (your choice of soups, shakes, bars etc. totalling 8-900 calories per day). Then you’ll gradually replace these with 'real food' meals over six weeks. Finally you’ll receive ongoing support for the last 8 months to help you maintain or build on your weight loss.

If you attend the group sessions you'll be given all your total diet replacement products and a range of high-quality resources including Workbooks, a Lifestyle logbook, online recipe book and 12 months' premium access to the EXi physical activity - all free of charge.  You can order from one of the widest ranges of total diet replacement products available and they'll be delivered directly to your home or work as you prefer.

Throughout the programme you'll continue to be supported by your GP practice – for example if your medicines need to be changed.

How have people found it?

Several participants have shared their inspiring stories - you might find their experiences helpful to understand more about the programme.  

There are some videos and many more written stories.

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Who is eligible?

You must be registered with a GP practice in Somerset and meet all the inclusion but none of the exclusion criteria shown below.  

These criteria have been set out by NHS England's Expert Advisory Group.

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Published on 24 May 2023